By setting foot on the terrain, you agree to the rules of the festival. If there’s any doubt, staff and volunteers have the right to judge the interpretation. Ganbaro vzw is not responsible for damage, theft or loss of personal goods and injuries incurred at the convention. In every case where the Belgian laws or house rules do not provide a clear answer, the vzw makes a decision.

Eating, drinking and smoking

Consumption of food and drinks is allowed except in the dealer room and on the mats used for sports. All waste should be deposited in the garbage cans. We would also like to keep the territory outside of the convention clean, so please make sure to dispose of your waste at the appropriate places there as well.

Smoking is prohibited in the building!

Badges & Luggage

Every visitor needs to have a pass with them at all times. When the visitor cannot show their pass to the checker (this can be both a member of staff or a volunteer), the checker has the right to direct the visitor to the cash register or to deny entry.

Staff can be recognized by their badge or t-shirt. Volunteers can be recognized by their t-shirt, stewards by their safety jackets.

Members of the staff have the right to remove misplaced coats, bags and other luggage. The visitor is always responsible for their luggage and Ganbaro vzw and its members have no fault when there is damage or loss of luggage. There’s a paid cloakroom available in front of the cash register.

Photography, videos, cellphones and electronics

When entering an event organised by Ganbaro vzw, you agree to the possibility that you might be photographed or filmed for promotional and/or safety reasons. This will be made clear when entering the event. Filming out of safety concerns is allowed by law. Cameras can be placed in spots where, according to Ganbaro vzw, following things can occur:

Safety and health


Not respecting the safety precautions

Violation of the smoking ban

Protecting goods

Breaking and entering

Theft of luggage


Ganbaro vzw reserves the right to film third parties and, based on these images, to prohibit entrance or to take precautions. These images will not be kept longer than 1 month unless they show a transgression. If so, they will be kept longer so they are available for police. If there is camera surveillance present, this will be made clear at the entrance and will be reported to the privacy committee.


Ganbaro vzw and its members cannot be held responsible for transgressions of portrait law as defined by Belgian law in the copyright law as described by the art. 10 AW 1994 which declares the following:

“The author or owner of the portrait, as well as any other person that owns or holds a portrait, does not have the right to reproduce or publicly share this without consent of the model or, during 20 years after their passing, their survivors. “

The portrait law only counts concerning the picture of a person where they are recognizable, be it because third parties can recognize the portrayed person or if the portrayed person can recognize himself/herself. This doesn’t necessarily imply that it has to be a complete image of a person or of their face. It can also be a caricature where the person is clearly recognizable. The portrait law only counts for natural persons. Not for the depiction of objects, buildings or animals, even though they can have an association or identification linked to a certain person or company.
The portrait law also doesn’t count for characters in books or comics: the goal is to protect the character of every person and through that limits the protection of the portrait law to physical people.

Weapons and attributes

Real weapons are strictly prohibited! Inside, replica- or modelweapons are allowed as attribute as long as they remain hidden at all times, except during an act or when asked for pictures. This weapons have to be treated with care. Cosplayweapons (made from rubber, cardboard, …) can be out in the open if they are recognizable as fake and can’t hurt anyone. Replica- or modelweapons have to conform to the Belgian law. Outside of the convention (e.g.: parking, trainstation) we ask to cover all weapons and transport them discreetly. This is asked by the police because you can be considered a danger if you don’t.

If you don’t know whether a weapon can enter or not, contact us before the convention or visit our info desk!
Cosplayweapons or props that bring safety in danger are strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Air-soft, replica firearms, …
  • Weapons made from hard materials (steel), …
  • Attributes that are too long and can block entrances
  • Personal attributes that can hinder the public safety

Order and safety

All visitors are asked to treat each other normal and respectfully. Annoying behaviour is prohibited. This is not only our policy but also the law. If you witness this behaviour, notify staff.


  • Negative and impolite behaviour towards others
  • Intentionally disturbing activities at the event


  • Signs that show explicit or insulting language
  • Spreading flyers at the convention is strictly prohibited. Ganbaro vzw reserves the right to remove these. Flyers can be removed for different reasons. These include, but are not limited to:
    • Including hateful or violent images or language
    • Violating the honour or good name of a person or people
    • Every other transgression noted in the criminal code
  • Services or goods that are offered outside of the destined locations. This includes but is not limited to following situations:
    • Selling goods outside of the room assigned to sell goods


  • Indecent behaviour;
  • Blocking (safety) doors or hallways;
  • Children under 12 need to be accompanied by an adult at all times;
  • Unnecessary yelling or other annoying behaviour;
  • Skipping lines;
  • Being under influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • Fighting;
  • Rude behaviour;
  • Every unsafe act;
  • Theft;
  • Intentional harm to other persons. This is both mental and physical harm;
  • Being at places where you are not allowed to be, e.g. backstage, staff rooms and logistic places
  • Ganbaro vzw reserves the right to call the police when damage is noted and to demand payment from the perpetrator. Theft will be reported to the police.

Visitors have to identify themselves at the request of staff.

Ganbaro vzw reserves the right to prohibit entrance to visitors when they have provided a good reason.


Entrance tickets are appointed to a person and are not interchangeable.
Entrance tickets will not be refunded.

These rules are subject to change and have to be respected by everyone that visits Atsusacon or any other event organised by Ganbaro vzw. Staff has the right to interpret these rules as they see fit but by being reasonable at all times. Any differences in other rules do not give reason to assume the differences are OK. One should always assume that the text in which the differences are prohibited is the correct text concerning differences.


Discounts given at an event organised by Ganbaro vzw are not cumulative on other events or on top of another discount of the same event. These discounts are subject to possible changes and Ganbaro vzw reserves the right to change these conditions.