Atsusacon Privacy Statement

We, Atsusacon (hereinafter referred to as “Atsusacon” or “we”) via this privacy policy wish to hereby inform Atsusacon users and visitors of our website and event as to the purpose, type and extent of the processing of personal information. Our website and events are constantly being revised and improved. Corresponding thereto, this privacy policy shall regularly be revised and updated. This applies in particular to those procedures used by us to carry out usage analysis, as well as those used to measure the effectiveness of advertising methods and comparable services, in particular those belonging to third parties. The current status of each of these services can be found in the tabulation located at the end of this privacy policy statement.

However, we also wish to be completely transparent. We take steps to ensure that measures according to European Data Protection law are taken and applied so as to guarantee an adequate level of data protection.

Usage of Personal Data

We collect, process and use personal data (in accordance with the definitions of the GDPR) in order to provide our services. The promotion of our products and provision of information as regards product functions etc. to Atsusacon visitors as well as other interested parties is a natural component thereof. The scope of the processing of the personal data concerned depends on whether our website are merely being visited or alternatively being used by a Atsusacon visitor.

The processing of personal data belonging to Atsusacon visitors: Which information is saved and how is it used?

Information regarding the use of the Atsusacon site by registered users:

When users are visiting the Atsusacon website , the Atsusacon server automatically collects and composes an activity log. This log includes information regarding the activity (including number of logins, etc.), statistical data (such as e.g. browser type, date and time of access and cookies id) as well as the IP address of the visitor.

Storage of cookies on your computer/device:

Cookies are tiny text files stored on your computer. Most frequently, cookies are stored for the duration of the current session, i.e. until you close your browser, but in some cases they are stored longer than this. We would like to take the opportunity to inform you in advance of the following cookie technologie:


When you send in any type of form on the Atsusacon website, a copy is saved on our server. Any information filled in in the form is saved until the event is over, after which we delete all information within 30 days.

Payment Information:

We DO NOT STORE OR HANDLE PAYMENT INFORMATION, our third-party service TicketScript (see bottom of this page) handles all these information securely and thusly we encourage you to read their privacy policy. All trafic from our Atsusacon server to the TicketScript Server is handled securely and under SSL encryption.

Sharing of data of visitors

The data of Atsusacon visitors shall not be sold to third parties. We shall not share or pass on any personal information without your explicit consent, unless:

  • We are legally obligated to do so


For the http encryption(TLS) of the Atsusacon site we use the free service “CloudFlare”. Via the integration of encryption certificates Atsusacon can provide a so called transport encryption that protects the communication to a Atsusacon site from unwarranted access of unauthorized third parties.

Your Rights:


We are happy to inform you as to what personal information we have saved on you (right to information of the concerned party in accordance with §34 BDSG). This information is free, shall be processed immediately and is usually transmitted to you via Email (also via post upon request). In order to receive applicable and detailed information, please provide us with specifications as to the personal data or type thereof concerned(where possible). In order to ensure that the person requesting the aforementioned information is the person they present themselves to be, we require a proof of identity. This can be in the form of a copied identification document. Please blacken out or remove serial numbers and passport numbers from such copies. These copies shall only be used for the purpose of identification and for the processing your request.

Rectification, deletion or blocking:

In accordance with the GDPR, you are entitled to request that any personal data we collect on you be rectified, deleted or blocked. Any such requests can be sent to us in textform i.e. per post or via the following email address: [email protected]

Modifications to this Privacy Policy

In the interest of transparency, we shall regularly update this privacy policy. In the case of significant changes where the rights of Atsusacon visitors could be affected, we shall communicate these changes to you in advance (in an email newsletter, for example) and where applicable inform you as to the available redress procedures.

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