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Dance Dance Revolution

Anime Riffing Panel

Cosplay Group Photo

Boardgames with Asian themes

Cosplay Repair Corner

PokéPlay free play and competitions

Cosplay Photostream

Retro Game Corner

Yaoi Reading Party (16+)

Sumo Wrestling

Anime Werewolves

Ball Jointed Doll meet-up

Neko Neko Ni Maid Café


Yu-Gi-Oh Starter Deck Tournament

ATP Yaoi Quiz

The Smartest Otaku in the World

AMV competition

CMV Competition

Oshi Toernooi

Spicy Noodle Contest

Minority Rule

Thor’s Voice Battle

Cosplay Catwalk

Weiss Schwarz Tournament

Anime Opening Quiz

Cosplay Competition

Atsusacon Quiz

Yaoi Quiz: Battle Royal (18+)


Surviving a year in Japan

Visual Novel Lecture

LEDs in your Cosplay

Cosplay Materials & How to decide

Photographer vs Model

Shibari Workshop (18+)

Otome Games Unveiled

Gundam: An open discussion about what you loved and could love next

How to create a Gijinka Lecture

Time Management in Cosplay!?

Introduction to Tokusatsu

Cosplay acting at competitions

A short introduction to LINK summons

Ramen Lecture

How To Study In Japan

Japanese Legends – Lecture

Building and customizing a Gundam model

Kaiju: Japanese Monsters and Gigantic Aliens

Introduction to competitive Yu-Gi-Oh!

Photography 101

Mobile Gacha Game Lecture

Cosplay Budgeting 101


Riichi Mahjong

Acting workshop: Enhancing ‘Play’ in the eye of Cosplay

Shibari Workshop (18+)

Voyage to Duelist Kingdom

LED Animations

K-pop Cover Dance

Weiss Schwarz Demo

Gunpla Workshop

Oshi Initiation

Manga drawing

Dragonball Super CCG – Demo

Final Fantasy TCG – Demo

Makeup Workshop

Papercraft: Lucky Stars & Origami


IA Vocaloid Concert Screening

Cosplay Competition

Japanese myths

Cosplay Dating Show

Cosplay Catwalk

AMV competition

CMV Competition

Spicy Noodle Contest