Frequently Asked Questions


Atsusacon takes place in Ghent, in the ICC, Van Rysselberghedreef 2.


Atsusacon 2018 takes place on the 28th and 29th of July.

Opening hours convention

Saturday: 10am-11pm
Sunday: 10am-6pm

Opening hours dealer room

Saturday: 11am-6pm
Sunday: 11am-5pm


At the convention, you can only pay with cash. Some dealers accept debit cards as well.

Being a volunteer at the con

Atsusacon relies heavily on the goodwill of our many volunteers. Do you want to join that team? Take a look at this page.


Tickets can be bought online on the website or on the FB-page. Subject to availability, you can also buy your tickets at the door.

Ticket prices will go up on the 1st of June and when you buy them at the door, so make sure to be on time to enjoy the early booking rate!

Can I go inside and outside without a hassle?

Yes! When your ticket is scanned, or when you buy a ticket at the register, you get a strap indicating which day(s) you are visiting the event. Make sure not to lose this!


Children under the age of 10 can enter for free but all children under the age of 12 have to be accompanied by an adult.

I’ve bought my ticket online, but haven’t received it yet.

If you have problems with the ticket system, you can contact us at inf[email protected] or send a message to our FB-page.

Can I buy a ticket on the day of the event?

This is possible as long as we don’t reach the maximum capacity of the event. To be sure you can visit the event, it’s safer to buy your ticket online. On top of that, you can enjoy a discount if you buy your tickets online until the day before the event.

I’m cosplaying; do I have to join a contest?

No! You can just enjoy your day at Atsusacon dressed as your favourite character. Of course, it’s always possible to join the cosplay contest or catwalk, but this is definitely not mandatory.

Weapons & Props

Real weapons are strictly forbidden! At the convention, replica- or model weapons are allowed as a prop as long as these remain stored at all times, excluding when you are in the cosplay contest or when people want to take a picture of your cosplay. These weapons have to be treated with the proper care and safety. Cosplay weapons (made from isolation foam, cardboard, worbla, …) can be left outside of storage as long as they are recognizably fake and cannot hurt anyone. Replica- or model weapons have to conform to the Belgian law. You can take a look at our rules here for a more detailed description.

Is there a garderobe?

Yes, we have a garderobe at the entrance.

Travelling & parking

For a description of the route you have to take to reach the ICC Ghent, you can take a look at our ‘Location’ page! There’s several parkings in the neighbourhood, among which are the parking at the train station (Sint-Denijslaan) or the parking under the Sint-Pietersplein (Sint-Pietersparking).


You can always take pictures at Atsusacon, but we do ask you to ask for permission from other visitors to take a picture as well as respect them.


It is prohibited to smoke or vape inside the buildings of the ICC, but you can easily go outside.


Animals are prohibited with the exception of guide dogs.


We do not tolerate bullying at Atsusacon. If a person is a bothering you, don’t hesitate to notify one of our volunteers or a member of our organisation.


There’s an elevator present at the location which makes entrance for wheelchairs easy. You can reach all facilities and floors using this elevator.