Cosplay Competition

Just like other years, Be Cosplay is hosting the cosplay competition at Atsusacon. Do you like dressing up as one of your favourite characters and do you want to show off your handcrafted costume or original act to others? This is possible at our cosplay competition! Impress our jury, consisting of the people of Be Cosplay and our special guest Isis Vasconcellos. You might win one of our original prizes! The contest has two parts.

With an act you can really live out your character. You can participate solo or as a group. A solo act can be 90 seconds long, a group act can be 3 minutes long. You can also use your own audio to make your act even better! Go wild and surprise the audience and the jury with a wonderful show.

Or did you work hard to make your cosplay but didn’t have time to work on an act? Or do you want to have your first stage experience? The catwalk is perfect for this! During this part of the show you just walk on stage, pose for pictures and walk off again. This is accompanied by our own music.

Participation categories:


For this category, our jury looks at the entire presentation and work on your costume and act. Every detail counts!


Did you work hard on your cosplays and made an act? Best group is the perfect category for you!


Not everyone can work with needle and thread, but maybe you do have the skills to put together an awesome act. You’ll be competing for Best Act!


Worked hard on your cosplay but didn’t have time to put together an act? Best Catwalk is the category for you!


Putting together a cosplay takes many hours of work and perhaps even blood, sweat and tears. In this category you’ll be rewarded for those: the jury judges your costume and maybe you’ll win Best Costume!


Not every cosplay can be created with fabric and a good sewing machine. Sometimes, you have to be creative and use materials like worbla, foam, wonderflex or other materials. Are you creative and good at crafting? This category is for you!

We reserve the right to withhold a prize for a certain category or to add/remove categories. If you are under 18, you need permission from your parents to participate.