These are the caterers present at Atsusacon 2018. From tea with bubbles to authentic Japanese snacks: there’s something here for everyone!

8tea5 Bubble Tea

Refreshing tea with bubbles with different fruity flavours!


The place for some tasty Japanese dishes with also a vegetarian twist! Think of vegan hotdogs, ramen and much more.


AMAI is a small foodtruck which makes tasty Taiyaki with all different kinds of flavours. Try one of their authentic Japanese waffles and be amazed!

Neko Neko Ni Maid Café

Be amazed by the cute maids, services and dishes! A unique experience!

In-House Catering

School Cafetaria

Feeling hungry or in need of a cool refreshment? Be sure to visit our school cafetaria for some snacks and beverages