AMV & CMV competition

Do you like cosplay and anime? Do you like music? Do you like working with programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and MovieMaker? We’ve got good news for you!

Just like previous years, we are hosting a big AMV & CMV Competition! We invite you all to let your creativity loose.

This year, we have a special theme, namely MONSTERS vs MECHAS. Because of that, there’ll be a special price for videos in out theme. You can of course choose how you incorporate this. Surprise our jury with your work!

Update 26/7/2017
Both the AMV and CMV entries will be show both days and voted on by the public twice. Winners will be announced during the closing ceremony on sunday.




  1. Throne – Jorgen Geert – 45,5/60
  2. Miss Kobayashi’s Friend – Dennis Van Hout – 28/60


  1. Beautifull Mess – Timmie NG – 48/60
  2. The Sound of Silence – Cynthia Hardam – 44/60
  3. The Beginning of the End – Pascal Minic – 41/60
  4. Black Paladin – Sanne Roemers – 40/60
  5. This is my fight song – Cynthia Hardam – 39/60
  6. Boku no TNT – Dennis Van Hout – 36/60
  7. Most Wanted – Pascal Minic – 35/60
  8. The demon is a part of me – Pieter de Wilde – 34/60
  9. Deku makes everyone a believer – Lisa Verhelle – 34/60
  10. Salvation – Machias Boschman – 28/60
  11. I see you – Len Lemahieu – 27/60*
  12. Making the difference – Laure Martens – 27/60*

* Disqualified due to streaming website logos in the submission.

Audience Choice:

  1. Beautiful Mess – Timmie NG
  2. The Beginning of the End – Pascal Minic
  3. This is my fight song – Cynthia Hardam
  4. Black Paladin – Sanne Roemers
  5. The Sound of Silence – Cynthia Hardam



  1. Willow Tree March – CampAwesome – 42.5/60


  1. Voltron – Elias Gubbels, Eline Van Moorter, Inne van den Brande – 54/60
  2. Kaneki in Wonderland – Waffleswithspain – 52/60

Audience Choice:

  1. Kaneki in Wonderland – Waffleswithspain


How can you apply?

Applying is easy: using the buttons above the FAQ you can apply for the AMV and/or CMV competition. You can apply until the 23th of July 2017, after this date we won’t accept applications anymore.

Until when can I apply and send in my video?

You can apply until the 23th of July 2017.

How do I send my video?

At the application, we’ve provided a box to insert a link to your video. You have to upload your video somewhere (not Youtube!). We suggest Dropbox, Google Drive or WeTransfer.

Who’s in the jury?

Last year we had the talented Waffleswithspain in our jury as guests. They provided an honest and just judgement together with members of our staff. This year we are still looking for talented people to be in the jury.

Interested? You can always send a mail to the following address: [email protected]

What are the prizes?

Last year we had relatively small prices: we’ve given the winners candy and a yearly subscription or agenda of Aniway. This year we are stepping it up so you have a price you can show off to your friends and family!

What are the rules?

The rules to our competition can be downloaded at the links above the FAQ. We’ve made separate rules for the AMV and CMV competition, so make sure to read these carefully!