Taiko performance and workshop by Araumi Daiko

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This year we have Araumi Daiko as our guest. They will have a Taiko performance for all our guests. But this year you cannot only listen, but you can also try it yourself.

On sunday they organize two concerts with a workshops connected to them. So you can also grab this chance to play in a real taiko group.

What is Araumi daiko?

Araumi Daiko is the home of the taiko academy in Mortsel and also home of taiko groups: Feniks Taiko, Ikezuki and Taikidoki. Araumi Daiko lives and breaths Taiko, which is a Japanse form of percusssion that is musical,artistic and sportive.

Do you want to know more about them? Or would you like to participate in one of their classes? Be sure to take a look on their website.