Interview with the Atsusacon 2018 host: MistveinCosplay

Natsumi: Hello Mistvein, we here at Atsusacon are very excited to have you as the host of our shows in the auditorium this year. But we are also very interested in getting to know you a little better. This gives our audience a chance to meet our charming host a bit already.

From where do you get your passion for cosplay and how did you start with this hobby? 

Mistvein:When I was a teen I stumbled into anime, and story games. One day I saw a promotion poster from Facts and wanted to give it a shot. I’ve never seen such a wonderful crowd of lovely people, and I immediately wanted to share my love for the different fandoms I so idolized. Nowadays that passion has formed itself into acting and presenting.
Natsumi:  Do you feel comfortable on stage or do you sometimes still have some nerves? Do you perhaps have some tips for people with stage fright?
Mistvein: I love to be on stage, but even though I look very euphoric on it, backstage you’ll see me being very focused before I have to enter it… If you go on stage yourself,  I would suggest to just have fun. Just go for it, you will learn from it time and time again. But if you force yourself in wanting to win something, you won’t enjoy it as much. We all make that mistake sometimes 😅
Natsumi: Mistvein in the past few years we have seen some wonderful selfmade props from you. With what materials do you like to work and what tips do you have for beginner cosplayers? 
Mistvein:I use a variety of different materials, but I prefer to use foam from the Cosplay Shop Select Style. You should just try it, there is a whole community that would gladly give you tips whenever you need them, including myself.
Natsumi: How do you stay motivated to give the best of yourself each time? Where do you get your strength from? 
Mistvein:I try out different techniques in each costume. Whenever I learn/master something new I get very excited. You could say i’m a person who loves to experiment. That’s why I take feedback by heart, I’m passionate to learn!
Natsumi: This year you are also hosting a cosplay acting and improvisation workshop at our convention. So we have prepared this next question for you. Mistvein, do you consider yourself more dramatic person or do you prefer to play with comedy?
Mistvein:I would say that in general I use a lot of humor to get my message across, which causes confusion sometimes 😅But I’m also into dramatic acting, so I can be whatever I want on stage.
Natsumi:We are already with our last question for today. Mistvein, do you have a last message for our audience? 
Mistvein: Let’s have some fun at Atsusacon!! 😊

If you want to check out our host on social media and follow all his wonderfull cosplay progress. Then take a look at the following links: